3M into the next 50

3M has been in business since 1902, so they have been successful for over 100 years.  They are not always the flashiest or trendy, but they know what their audience wants and they are successful at getting it to them.  A large factor of why the company has been successful I believe is their acceptance of being “green” and being a big supporter of making sure their corporation is friendly towards the environment.  The company’s homepage says that a large contributing factor towards their success at being an environmentally stable company that produces products that limit pollution as much as possible is their research and development sector.  There has been almost no controversy with the company in the past century they have been in business.  This is especially a big factory with their company’s view towards pollution because a vast majority of their products are made from plastics.  The corporation researches ways to use less plastic in each of their products.  They way they are made is also a big factor, the factories comply with pollution regulation and are mindful about what those factories put out into the air.  3M also helps other businesses to be more friendly to the environment as well.  A few years ago the corporation helped other businesses to incinerate the waste from their factories.  This was a more environmentally friendly thing to do than to put their waste products into landfills.


Another factory of why the 3M corporation has been so successful in the past 100 years and will hopefully make it just as successfully through the next 50 is how the company has a focus on being local and maintaining local connections.  3M takes ownership and pride in the communities where their corporate branches are located.   They do this by not only being a provider of jobs for the community, but also through the extra contributing factors, such as the development of the town through supporting education and the environment.

I think this type of involvement in the community is very important.  A lot of a person’s day, and life, is spent at their job and it is a good thing if the place they work makes them happy.  A vast majority of the employee reviews who work for 3M say that they enjoy the place where they work.  This enjoyment creates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the place they work.  These employees want to see their workplace succeed.

The 3M company’s homepage says the company is proud of its ability to create products that solve their customer’s problems and also makes their lives easier.

The company’s products are also innovative and ahead of many others in the field, and they are in a wide sector of different markets.




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