A lot of the social media and branding used by the 3M company is protected and you have to be an employee to see it.  I think this is probably a good idea to keep that information within the company.  I wonder what the strategies are that they do use though.  On the website where they explain that the information is protected, they also have this quote, “Our brand is more than our name and our logo. Our brand is the outward expression of the promises we make to our customers‚ our powerful culture of innovation and the ideas and values that make us who we are.”

 The website also has examples of some social media pages.  They all look very neat and clean and simple. 

 When looking for a 3M sponsored Facebook page, it was very hard to find.  I saw several other accounts and even Brazil’s Facebook before I found the United State’s official 3M page.

 Recently, the 3M’s United States Facebook page has posted about how they support “Small Business Saturday.”  Posts like that are important to engage the audience, so the brand is not just pushing out content and promoting their own products.  I believe that doing things like that makes the audience tune out of the posts.  It is similar to having a friend who only talks about themselves, the habit itself is annoying and kind of makes you like the friend a little less too.

 3M also has a Twitter that I think is a bit more interesting than their Facebook page.  They tweet about their products and about current events and days that are happening both worldwide with the brand and locally where 3M is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I liked one thread of tweets they had about a story the local news station, KARE11 did about a donation the company made. 


I think what they are doing with social media is effective for the company’s goals and what their focus is.  They are a bit of a unique company because they do sell primarily household and business items.  It might be somewhat difficult to make a compelling and interesting social media site for a company that makes tape and Command Hooks.  I think they’re doing a good job though.  Their campaign in early January of this year with the user-generated content is a great example of the good things they are doing with social media.  They took their product and let people be creative with it.  They were a platform for their users to show their creativity, and they did.  I think businesses are to the point with social media where they understand how to use it and have a little better of an idea of what their users want to see of their social media pages.  


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