You Post-it

3M is a company that supplies mostly business and home supplies.  The focus of the advertisements for the demographic is on creating a simple and clean look.  This works for the demographic because their products are to make life for those in business and working in the home simpler.


3M has a special demographic with one specific product line of theirs.  The Command Hooks brand is specifically for young homeowners and college students, though they do have other customers who use the command hooks.  The command hooks are designed to be a cheap way to hang things in places that cannot have permanent holes from nails.  They target this demographic because the command hooks are cheap and accessible.  They also have an impact on this demographic with where they place their products, they put them out in the isles of Wal-Marts around move in time for colleges.


The Christmas crowd demographic is also big for the Command Hook brand.  They advertise to those looking to hang up their Christmas lights using Command Hook brand products.  They also procure on making their product simple and making things simpler for the people who use them.


3M is also after a new demographic that is part of an advertising campaign that involves user generated content.  Earlier this year in January, Post-it notes started an advertising campaign that demonstrated the creativity of those who used it.  3M spent around an estimated $10 million on the campaign.  It let users of Post-it notes show their creativity using the product.


This was a different approach than what is typically done with advertisements, where the company puts out work for the consumers to see.  It let users of Post-it notes do creative things with the product, like make art, and even wedding proposals.


I think the demographic of this campaign was young people who probably do use the product a lot for its original purpose, to write notes.  The campaign asked these young people to look at their product in a different way and to use it to be creative.  I remember seeing some of the commercials on television, since those were also included in the campaign, and being surprised with them.  I think this would have also generated a lot of buzz on social media sites.


The name for this type of user generated product content is called customization.  It is targeted towards 20 to 30 year old consumers.  It works well for them because they feel that they are a part of the brand and it feels more personal to them.  It also calls to look at brands that have been around for the lifetime of this generation to look at them in a different way.  Sharpie also did a similar campaign with their markers.


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