3M’s Logo Changes

The most common imagery used by 3M to sell their products is their bright red logo.  This is used on every single product they sell, and it is everywhere.  The company has over 50,000 products and the logo is always on each one.  3M is a parent company to a variety of different other companies including Command Hooks, Scotch tape, Scotch Blue, and Nexcare.  With all of those products, they always have the traditional 3M logo on them.

Their logo has not changed very much, especially considering that the company has been functioning for 100 years.  The design changes through the years remind me of Ford or Coco-Cola’s logo changes through their over 100 years of being in business.  They all started quite simply, then added some things through they years and are back to being very simple.  3M also added the red color.

This is even true for their series of medical and car care products. The 3M logo is located in the upper left corner.  The logo is usually for the most part always red, however, for some of these products the logo is colored black.

According to their national website, the design and graphics teams are working to create more uniform design requirements for all of their publications.

The interesting thing about some of 3M’s brands products is that they have “Top of the mind awareness.”  An example of this is that consumers say they need a “Command Hook.”  A Command Hook is both the name of the brand of the product and not just the brand and company.  This also applies for 3M’s products of their Scotch tape brand, when consumers say they need Scotch tape instead of just tape.

The 3M logo stands for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company.  I think it is interesting that they have kept the name to what it still is today because they do not do anything with mining, and never really did.  I’m not sure if there is necessarily a reason of why it would be needed to be changed though.

I think 3M tries to portray images of consumers living in a happy home or working in a successful and positive business with a cheerful environment. This makes sense because they produce products that are designed to make life better for both at home and at work.

Their logo is also used on their Twitter, which is their mainly used social media.

3M presents a majority of their products with sans-serif font with a plain white background.  They choose to have a minimalist design factor for presenting their products.  I think it is effective.  This design attempt seems to say that their products just simply work and do not need a bunch of added extras.  They are what they are and that’s enough.





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