The Big Bold M

3M’s main value is their commitment to environmental protection.  They put themselves in the middle of a triangle between economic success, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

One example of this is shown in their way they thought about the usual desktop tape dispenser.  Instead of the usual, clunky heavy type, 3M came up with a new one that was cheaper to manufacture and better for the environment.  The disposable take dispenser is made from recycled products, and is recyclable.

I think “being green” is really trendy right now; it makes businesses seem less like a old fashioned company and more caring about their employees, customers and world.  When I say old fashioned, I mean the turn of the century and industrial age type of thinking.  Henry Ford was known to joke why the whole person showed up to work at his car manufacturing factories instead of just the hands, which was all he needed from a worker for that type of line manufacturing.

This makes them seem relatable and personal.  It’s also just good for the environment.  As a manufacturer of many plastic products, much of what they do could be very bad for the environment.

3M is a worldwide company, and their website says they work to maintain relationships with their companies across seas.  Their branding is universal.  3M does not have an American Facebook page, but there are other counties that the brand is in that do run a page.  All of those other pages have 3M’s signature bright red logo.

It seems strange to me that 3M does not have a Facebook page in the United States.  I can’t really think of a reason why they would choose to not have a page other than something I heard Tom Brokaw say when talking about a presidential election.   He said that the more an audience hears about a candidate in excess, the less they are liked.  Maybe 3M is applying this principal to their social media presence and believe that they are strong in other aspects of advertising and marketing and that a Facebook would be too much for their audience.

However, they do have an active and interesting Twitter account.  It is focused on the environment and the ways their company is helping it.  The example below is a sample of the content they tweet.


Another aspect of 3M’s core values that I think makes them a strong and attractive business is the way they enable their employees to work on the things that interest them.  Scientists are allowed 15 percent of their time to research things that personally interest them.  This type of management allows each employee to be used for his or her best potential.


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